• InstituteForEdu


    The Institute for Education's (IFE) mission is to recognize, encourage, and promote civility and leadership locally, nationally, and in the world community.

  • Kam Lal

    Kam Lal

    Mobile / Apps / Audio / Music

  • Kate Tummarello

    Kate Tummarello

    Working on surveillance for @EFF's activism team. @Politico, @thehill & @hamiltoncollege alum. French bulldog & cheesecake enthusiast.

  • Sue Edwards

    Sue Edwards

  • Cartney McCracken

    Cartney McCracken

    Political campaign media strategist at @ThinkRainmaker who is obsessed with heels. Tweets are my own.

  • Jim Brady

    Jim Brady

  • Patrick McGovern

    Patrick McGovern

  • Joey Marburger

    Joey Marburger

    Director of Product @washingtonpost. Purdue alumnus. Married to @CasLikeThat. Love π. Raconteur. Bon vivant. Maker of things.

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