The Rocheleaus — Pioneers of New France

Part Two — Cadillac, Father Potier and the Pilet connection

“The Rocheleaus” is told in three parts:

Portrait of Father Pierre-Phillip Potier, Detroit News, April 26, 1891
Marker commemorating the French Settlers of the South Side of the Detroit River (Photo: City of Windsor)
(Source: Drouin Collection)
Signatures at the marriage of François Rochereau and Marie Josèphe Meloche; Ste Anne Register Part 2, Image 56 (Source: Diane Wolford Sheppard and Gail Moreau-DesHarnais)
The rebuilt Huron Mission House, 1893. (Photo: “Picturesque Detroit and Environs,” Northampton, Mass.)
The 1762 Census of Detroit entries for Francois and Joseph Rochereau dit Lesperance, excerpted from “Michigan’s Habitant Heritage, Vol. 34, #3,” July 2013, by Diane Wolford Sheppard and Gail Moreau-DesHarnais. (Note: The historians correctly state the birth dates of Francois and Joseph, but miscalculate their age in 1762, which would have been 44 and 37, respectively.)
Excerpt from a list of French settlers to the South Shore of the Detroit River in 1749. (Source: “The Windsor Border Region, Canada’s Southernmost Frontier,” Ernest J. Lajeunesse, Forgotten Books, 1960)

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